Ivana Sugar and Viktor Solo Photoset


Whenever they fool around, Ivana Sugar’s man presses his face into her ass, kneads and kisses the plump cheeks of her butt. She’s always known he wanted to try anal sex, but until tonight she never felt ready. After weeks of teasing him with the idea of him going deep in her back door, Ivana walked up to Viktor in his chair and whispered her desires. Viktor’s cock stood stiff as an arrow, and stood even straighter when Ivana took the entirety of it in her mouth. After Viktor licked her pussy, he thrust his cock into her pussy, bringing her to an orgasm even before they attempted anal. To control the depth and entry, Ivana straddled Viktor, lowering herself slowly onto his cock, until the whole thing filled her up and brought her careening to the edge of a second powerful orgasm.
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Is That You Doing Porn???

Imagine this: you’re watching your daily dose of porn, when an old acquaintance of yours appears in the movie. Yes, that’s Ivana Sugar on screen, your former neighbor. And why not give her a call to see if she’s ready to give you what you’ve just seen her doing in the video? Here are the pictures from this show.
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Jailhouse Fuck

Convict Kid Jamaica wants to speak for his right, or at least fuck the beautiful, but mean jailor, Ivana Sugar. Maybe Ivana won’t be able to help the man to give back his freedom, but surely will not refuse a big, meaty black cock. But what happens, when the other jailor, Bob steps in? He joins, of course.
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